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Franklin BBQ X Lost Vape Collab

Electronic cigarette company Lost Vape announces partnership with barbecue royalty Aaron Franklin to release barbecue flavored disposable vape cartridges. 

As the popularity of both alternative nicotine consumption and barbecue continue to skyrocket, it only makes sense that the two would be combined. In order to diversify their flavor portfolio, Lost Vape is looking to add options like Smok’d BRSKT, Puulled Pork, Smok’d TRKY, and ‘Tater Salad

“Our customers have enjoyed a variety of fruity and minty flavors from Lost Vape, now we are excited to introduce a fresh approach to flavorizing nicotine.” preached Lost Vape spokesperson, Vince Landis. “For a lot of non-vapists, walking through a cloud of mango cotton candy mist can be an annoying experience. We figured barbecue scents would be a welcome paradigm shift for second-hand vapists.”

Advertised as completely vegan, if you overlook the fact that animal fats are used to make the oil, these new vape flavors are the perfect solution to being able to participate in barbecue culture without having to compromise your lifestyle choices.

“It makes my throat feel spicy.” says vapist, Kyle Fingerman. “I like that I can taste all the barbecue without all the calories. I could have barbecue everyday, if I want.”

Eventually, Lost Vape plans on expanding their flavor profile even further with other food and candle inspired flavors like hot dog, ranch dressing, basil, tequila, crayon and hard boiled eggs.

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