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Conspiracy: Donald Trump is actually a group of people

The results from the 2016 United States Presidential election revealed that the American public had elected a twitter bot as their 45th president. Twitter, a social media platform known for limiting people’s thoughts to 140 characters, had become infested with ‘twitter bots’. New research has been released that indicates a group of men and at least one woman all collaborate to portray Donald Trump.

The Donalds have been actively cooperating as one person since at least 1974. The members of The Donalds have not been confirmed, and no one knows how many there might be. A person could pose as Donald Trump for even just each leap year, or daily. They might be involved with physically impersonating DJT or virtually, or otherwise. For example, it can’t be confirmed how many people have access to his current X account (formerly Twitter). 

Donald Trump is a clever avatar, if a group were to want to pose as one person. Which is odd, conventional thinking would yield results aligning with the avatar blending into averageness. But for a man such as Donald Trump, who’s hairstyle is recognized globally, the notice seems to be allowing the group success as a result of just how widespread the awareness is for his hairdo. The wig offers the opportunity to offset some of the difference in height of the individuals portraying him. Not to mention that he is painted orange, this opens up the opportunity to play Donald to a wider array of skin tones. 

The only known time that one Donald Trump’s presence overlapped with another's was during the filming of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, where Donald Trump was known to be on set at the same time as he was reported in Atlantic City. Since that one instance, the group has maintained strict protocol to not overlapping publicly– or privately. Strict pains are also made to make sure that Donald Trumps productivity levels do not seem overwhelming for one individual. 

After the success of the Twitter bots, and the presidential election was secured, The Donalds deployed their own Secret Service to ensure that the United States Secret Service, and the CIA and FBI remained unaware of the subterfuge. 

The Donalds themselves are responsible for Donald Trump’s relations with Milania. During their presidency, the public perception picked up that Milania and DJT’s relationship was struggling– It is believed that one female, posing as Donald had made reparations with Milania and assuaged their relationship woes. This member of The Donalds is likely also responsible for the reputation of his small hands.


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